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Our team has been working for nearly four years to develop a Social Media Intelligence platform service to answer the biggest questions in the world of social media. If you've ever tried to understand what is happening in your social media feed, you've found it a nearly impossible task. You don't see all the posts, you don't know who the key posters are, and the list of issues go on.

Everyone in entertainment knows that you live and die by your brand. But you cannot care for your brand if you don't know what people are feeling, thinking and saying about you. It's not a trivial task to keep on top of this. And then there's engagement. If you are promoting yourself, a tv show, sports team or other project, social media is about engagement and reach, but do you know what causes more or less reach?

The answer is simple ... Ekkobar

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About Us

Ekkobar was started by software, data science, marketing and industry experts. At the helm is Rhys Ryan, the "godfather" of scenechronize, the CTO from CallPlease and several other startups. He and his team have worked in the entertainment industry for decades, developing software that continues to run today. In addition, a number of industry experts, financial advisors and scientists have joined of the Ekkobar Advisory Board.

Who can Use Ekkobar?

Entertainment Professionals and Marketers in the areas of film, television, music, sports, news, politics, gaming, books and more. There are services for actors, singers, athletes, politicians and journalists. We support television shows, movies, sports teams, sports leagues, tv/film studios/networks, news outlets and even political parties. Ekkobar uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand a person or property and how they are seen throughout social media.

Understanding Social Media

The team knew early on that in order to provide accurate information, they needed to acquire nearly 100% of social media feeds, such as Twitter. Not only did they buy a license to get tweets, but they also invented technology to find those tweets which would go undetected. Next, they used AI methods to filter tweets out that are not relevant. From there, the tweets are turned into a three-dimensional conversation model where analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence can be applied.